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Who we are (our team)

The Business Intelligence Service (“BIS”) at ARS is staffed by highly trained investigators with extensive experience of in-depth investigations in the commercial sector (due diligence, fraud, internal investigations, litigation support, etc.).

What we do

We help clients to identify and eliminate potential risks in order to avoid costly mistakes, regulatory sanctions and reputational damage. We work with a wide range of clients including retail companies, restaurants and individuals. We gather and analyze open-access information and other information on individuals and entities anywhere in Russia rapidly and efficiently, including sectors, for which public records are scarce. We maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and discretion in our investigations. Our services are scalable and can be tailored to meet specific client needs.

Core Services

Pre-transaction due diligence of executives and their companies have become an essential complement to traditional legal and financial due diligence. Our professionals can access a broad range of open-source information and public records and, if desired, can search for "danger signs", conflicts of interest, undisclosed business affiliations, financial difficulties, and relevant links to other parties. Objective and detailed information is a key component of any strategy for mitigation of risks, and the level of risk can be decisive for whether or not to proceed with a transaction.

Third-Party Due Diligence

Our third-party due diligence integrates traditional investigative techniques with technology-driven analytics to provide a cost-effective and tailored solution for due diligence on a high volume of relationships with third parties (vendors, suppliers, business partners, licensees, contractors, service providers, etc.). We focus on the whole range of people and entities who are relevant to the risk profile of the due diligence target, including key executives, owners and agents.

Fraud Investigations

If fraud is suspected, companies often require in-depth background investigations to unravel the problem. Our team performs background investigation of parties suspected of wrongdoing, searches for conflicts of interest and undisclosed business affiliations, and examines whether parties are living beyond their means. We look for direct and circumstantial evidence of fraud and seek to uncover any prior financial, legal, regulatory or criminal problems, or links to organized crime. By using advanced link analysis and state-of-the-art visualization tools, our practitioners can “joint up the dots” to gain a clear picture of the relationships between individuals and entities or the flow of misappropriated funds. We can also reveal hidden business relationships that underlie visible transactions, using various data visualization techniques.

Social Media Analytics

ARS makes social media analytics a part of its investigations, using a variety of innovative tools. We use algorithms to identify and analyze significant relationships between individuals and entities on both mainstream and regional social media platforms. We can also search efficiently for key words, phrases and topics, homing in on comments and trends of interest to our clients and their businesses. By combining social media analytics with our other business intelligence capabilities we can provide valuable insights that are missed by traditional investigative approaches.