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from 150 rubles per hour per station

ARS can provide comprehensive safety and security systems for retailers and customers at shopping malls.

A large shopping mall, like any venue that attracts large numbers of people, is always vulnerable to various crime threats, including vandalism, theft, hooliganism, and terrorist action.

Comprehensive security protection of such facilities is a challenging task, requiring the deployment of security specialists who are vigilant, restrained and professional, and who are supported by modern security technologies .

Our standard security offering for shopping malls includes:

·        Discovery and prevention of theft and damage to retail property

·        Protection of shared-use spaces and exits

·        Measures for maintaining and restoring order

·        Control of visitor traffic at peak times (sales, special promotions, pre-holiday periods)

·        Installation and operation of security alarm and video monitoring systems

·        Fire safety, including evacuation in case of fire and other emergency situations

·        Prevention of crime in close cooperation with the police

·        Monitoring of store, supermarket and hypermarket employees to combat theft of retail property

·        Vehicle access control

·        Patrol and inspection of restricted-access areas (utilities, etc.)

·        Checks of proper functioning of security equipment