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with financial responsibility: from 180 rubles per hour per station

without financial responsibility: from 135 rubles per hour per station

Ensuring security at logistics hubs, storage centers and warehouses is a difficult task requiring the deployment of qualified specialists.

Key challenges include the large size of such premises, substantial value and volume of the goods and cargo that require protection, and intensive traffic (deliveries, etc.).

Alliance Retail Security has long experience proving security at warehouse complexes in various classes, and Alliance operatives are highly skilled in the detection and prevention of illegal access to protected property.

Our standard procedure when assuming responsibility for warehouse and industrial premises is as follows:

·        Preliminary inspection of the premises, planning of necessary measures and actions to ensure efficient protection against illegal access and threats to property

·        Installation of security alarms and video monitoring systems

·        Technical maintenance and modification of security and monitoring equipment

·        Installation of access control

·        Creating a system for control over the transportation of goods, and valuables

·        Protection of goods and equipment at the store, prevention of possible theft and damage

·        “Entrance—exit” control with regard to leaving the territory of warehouses and production premises

·        Permanent control over internal relocation of goods inside the facility and its premises

·        Prevention of any unauthorized access to the warehouse and industrial premises

By putting us in charge of your store, you can rest assured that your personnel and premises will be protected, your goods and valuables will be well guarded, and your staff will be able to devote all of their attention to daily business tasks.